Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Blogger is NOT letting me upload a picture tonight, so this wordless worded Wednesday is as follows!

I spent all day in a tax seminar (I know, yawn) but actually this was exceptionally interesting!  Most the time. I will admit, it was hard to stay awake after a rather large lunch, although a little baby was very squirmy today which helped with my alertness.

I learned a lot today, about the health care bill, and about all the media reports that are incredibly false.  I just wanted to take a moment today to tell you all that in my opinion, the media is not a good source of information.  If you hear about something that seems completely shocking, chances are that it isn't true.  If you think that a tax issue is going to affect you negatively because you got an email claiming that the sale of your home is going to be taxed, consult your tax professional BEFORE you get upset about it! (this is generally untrue, unless your gain is over a threshold)

Yes there is good and bad to this health care bill, and some of it seems downright impossible to implement.  I can't say that I agree with the bill in it's entirety, some of it is completely ridiculous.  However, I get really sick and tired of the media and politicians playing America for a bunch of idiots.  So, here is my two cents! - Be diligent.  Don't jump on the bandwagon.  Do your fact checking.  Form an opinion and be an informed voter - you owe it to your country :)


Princess Mom

Amen!!! I hate those that also complain on the outcome of a election and guess what they did not bother to vote.

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It's so hard to stay updated on every issue. I do my best to understand the issues and the people that I'm voting for. If I don't understand an issue or don't know the people, I just leave that line item unmarked. As for the health care reform issue, I don't know every facet of it -- I know I'm very concerned about how much money it is costing and will cost, I also know a few people who it will help tremendously. Thanks for follow, back at ya! ~Jamie

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Thanks for sharing your experience! Very important!

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Hi! I completely agree with checking the facts yourself and kudos to you for attending the seminar!

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