Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Follow - Give me your Cloth Diapering Suggestions!

Its Friday Follow Time, and I cannot wait to find some new blogs to read!
I am super excited this morning, because last night my husband felt baby's first kick :)

Also on my list to share - I am finding that people are incredibly nice to you when you are pregnant, I had four guys helping me at Wal-Mart with my site to store order yesterday, plus lots of random strangers smiling at my belly.  It really was kind of funny :)

Question for all my new followers (and if you are new, please leave a comment so I can return the favor - I always do!).  I am considering cloth diapering, if you have attempted this, or are successful - I want to know about everyone's experience with them, ups and downs - favorite brands, anything you might find helpful :)

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Happy Friday! Congrats on the baby:) that's so awesome when you feel the flutters! I used pampers and occasionally huggies...i wasn't for the cloth cousin used them and i have no idea how she dealt with it...I guess I'm not that old school!!! Good Luck in whatever you decide
:) enjoy the weekend

Esther - TTByM

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I could not get the buttons to show up on mine either! I think you should do the cloth diapers, then I will have someone that has the experience when I have babies!!


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Musings From a Stay At Home Mom


I am so happy for you ! Congrats ! I have never tried cloth. My Mom did. All i have to say is be ready for big messes with or without ! Newborns are known to explode poop out ! LOL
I think you should do your homework and try ! Why not !
Come follow me back when you can and say hi !

Becky Jane

Thanks for following me...I raised all my 11 kids in cloth diapers except the last 3 and I have to say that I liked being able to throw the whole thing in the trash...not very eco friendly, but saved some of my sanity!

Bethany {3SonsPlus1}

Congratulations!! :)

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I've got twins, so I went the disposable route.
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Sofia's Ideas

Congrats! I'm due in the spring too, but this is baby 6 for the pair of us! :)

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Sofia's Ideas

Erica K

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I used gdiapers for 8 months but really got tired of having to replace the snap-in liner so we have switched to fuzzibunz and LOVE them. they are cost effective and easy to use and wash.


I diapered my last child. *girl*
she's now almost 8.
I loved cloth diapering. Just hopping by to say HI from the hop :)

Menopausal New Mom

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Congratulations on the baby flutters...
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Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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