Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Man Winter Is On His Way :(

This time of year is depressing for me.  That is right, I said depressing.

The leaves fall off and I know cold weather and snow is on its way.

After going to college in Bowling Green, Ohio, I cannot appreciate the cold wintery wind, or snow, or ice, or anything snow related.  Driving in it can be downright scary.  So I am going to look for the silver lining today! The following are some things I might even look forward to for the next few months.. let's stay positive!

1.)  For one, I am expecting my first baby in March, so therefore, I love the month of March now, regardless of how cold, snowy, or downright horrendous it is.

2.) Being stuck at home with my husband.  Yeah, you know, its so nice to be out and about, but I can look forward to the time we will spend longuing, especially since it will be our last winter to lounge before our new addition gets here.  Warm pajamas, hot chocolate, movies.  Definitely a positive.

3.) It becomes OK to shop waaaaay too much.  This is a major plus.

4.) Ok, I have to throw this one in here, it IS negative.  TAX SEASON!  For those of you who don't know, I am an accountant.  This tax season will either be a blessing or a terror since I am expecting.  I believe that my huge stomach will be a talking point during appointments more often than I would like, but at least there will be no awkward silences.  Downside to tax season? 55 hour workweeks. Upside? Clients like to bring us goodies :)  Plus I love my job, I have awesome clients and great coworkers, having a job is a blessing in and of itself.

5.) The holidays, friends, and family.  This should probably be number three, right below my bundle-of-joy-to-be and my husband!

6.) Cozy sweaters, warm fuzzy socks, and soups.

So, today I challenge any of you who read this to do your best to turn a negative into a positive, I feel better about the upcoming winter already, kind of. I think. :) 


Sarah Lewis

I agree. Winter in Ohio is such a drag! But I loooooooove the time we get to cuddle up inside watching movies too!!!

Beki Hilton

I love fall!! Not so much winter though!!!!


I love fall. But not so much winter. After Christmas winter can go away again.


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